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Find out why we're trusted by many organisations.

Goodbye to waiting times

Moonshot's algorithms are proven to be the fastest in the world as confirmed by many peer-reviewed research papers.


Our algos run 2000x faster, use 50% less resources, and they work on all devices. We already have made over 300 record-breaking algos in our inventory, ready to be released.


AI models are getting larger and more power hungry. Slow 3 hour predictions hamper our ability to make life changing decisions.

With 1.5K Github stars and used by 20+ huge organizations, Hyperlearn powers our simulation models and makes AI faster for the world.

Making AI faster and greener

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Image by Igor Son

Making Classical Machine Learning Pipelines Differentiable: A Neural Translation Approach

"Hyperlearn provides a Scikit-learn interface with optimized algorithms for linear/ridge
regression, PCA, SVD, etc."

Fractional ridge regression: a fast, interpretable reparameterization of ridge regression

"This functionality relies on an implementation provided in the Hyperlearn library and copied into the fracridge source-code"


Fortune teller

Explore how human activity affects global temperatures and how climate change will displace communities unequally.

See how to prepare for extreme weather events, how rising sea levels affect property prices, and how pollution affects your health.


We're creating a personalised digital fortune teller to predict the future!

ZikaHack 2016: A digital disease detection competition

"The solution produced signals of possible ZIKV outbreak as early as September 2014 in the state of Espírito Santo."

Survey of Text-based Epidemic Intelligence: A Computational Linguistics Perspective

Citation reference 2: Dillon C. Adam, Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Daniel Han-Chen, Sean Batongbacal, ... et al. 2017.

In the future we hope to create a full Earth simulation to predict the future of everything and allow you to ask questions like "how do I live longer?"

We're predicting the weather, fire and flood risks, lifespans, traffic congestion and more.

We're collecting all the world's data, and use powerful fast AI algorithms to process it!

Simulating the world

When will the market next crash? Who will win the next election? We want you to make informed decisions backed by data.


We're using OpenAI's powerful GPT3 which mimics human language to power our systems!


How do I live longer? Maybe there's asbestos in your backyard, or you should close your windows from 5-6PM due to air pollution.

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